Whilst I am in my 20s, I have a grandma soul. 

Let me catalogue for you the reasons why…

Tea is my friend.  Lady Grey and her husband the Earl are regulars at my house.

Agatha Christie gave me Marple and Poirot.  Just like Jane Austen gave me Elizabeth and Mr Darcy.  And Louisa May Alcott gave me Jo.

I am a certified word nerd.  Certified in that I teach English to high school students who consistently fascinate me with their interpretations of said language. 

774 ABC radio is my station of choice.  This was new development for 2014 and confirmed my senior citizen status.  My old lady soul goes nuts for Red Symons on the way to work and do not get me started on the joy to the ears and mind that is Rafael Epstein. 

I am distressed by the current fashion of cropped jumpers.  Ladies, how will they protect your kidneys, I ask you?
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